Greetings from the staff at Western Basin-Toledo Magazine!! Yes, we are excited about the Toledo area and the 100 mile radius of Toledo which we serve. Actually, our colorful 2,000 magazines are direct mailed to 15 other states besides Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. We reach the most important decision makers in the building and construction market.

We focus on the commercial, residential, industrial, remodeling, and institutional building in our region. One of our goals is to provide an educational awareness for people wanting to build new homes or businesses. We send 1,000 copies to seven home builder associations in a 100 mile radius of Toledo.

In our bi-monthly publication of 2,000 magazines, we feature, by means of a 6 page full color layout, builders, contractors, architects, and suppliers of the construction industry. We also have four bi-monthly columns highlighting community activities, great restaurants, bed and breakfasts, art studios, historical architecture, and recreation attractions within a 100 mile radius of Toledo. All information important for prospective new home buyers and businesses looking to locate within that 100 mile radius of Toledo and that’s where our remaining 1,000 copies are sent to those same businesses and prospective new home buyers.

We hope you enjoy reading our magazine as much as we enjoy preparing it for you!

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