Volume 40

Nature & Recreation II: Mon Ami and Friends

An Incredible Historic Winery Highlighted By Some Top Notched Professionals


  • MonAmi

One of the most intriguing tourist attractions on Catawba Island and in Ottawa County is the historic Mon Ami Winery. It was built in the post Civil War Era and is now a fantastic location to enjoy a great dinner and some very entertaining attractions. The Catawba Island Wine Company (the families of Ellithorpe, Neal and Laudy) constructed the first building along the southeast corner of the Catawba Peninsula. Restaurant facilities were added after a disastrous fire occurred. In 1956, Norman Mantey, from Sandusky bought the winery and then sold it to the Meier’s Winery from Cincinnati in 1980, making it the largest winery in Ohio. The Kronbergs purchased the winery in 2000, renovating the dining area, chalet, kitchen, and a wine shop. You just have to visit “Angel” and learn of the Mon Ami Wines! Fantastic food and top selling island wines highlight your experience, and the entertainment is second to none in the area.

  • BobAdamov


Bob Adamov, a regional island author, has annual book signings in the Wine Shop. Bob and his beautiful wife, Cathy, do extensive research on his novels like, WHEN RAINBOWS WALK, which highlights Put-in-Bay, Johnson’s Island (Confederate officer cemetery), and Key West. His Washington Post investigating reporter, EMERSON MOORE, finds all kinds of history, intrigue, and even love in this historic region in Northwestern Ohio. Connect with Bob at 330-289-7616 or www.bobadamov.com to learn how you can get his latest publication, SANDUSTEE, or how you can receive his next novel, ZENOBIA.

  • dussault


COLIN DUSSAULT’S BLUES PROJECT, known as the hardest working band in Northeast Ohio and now in Northwest Ohio. The original band in 1989 appeared in Lakewood, Ohio and now performs all over Northern Ohio including Put-in-Bay and Kelleys Island. Colin has been singing, playing harmonica, and leading his band in gigs numbering 365 or more per year! A double gig or triple gig is not unheard of with this hard working team! Colin’s biggest influences range from Frank Zappa and Tenacious D, to Paul Butterfield, Leonard Nimoy, and William Shatner. Today’s band consists of: Jim Feeney on lead guitar, Fred Tobey on bass guitar, Freddie Perez-Stable on the drums--no vocals please, Greg Hurd, keyboards, vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and theremin, and of course Robbie the Roadie—all around good guy and “chick magnet”!! Connect with Colin to find out where he plays next at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit his website at www.ColinDussault.com.

  • Cruisin_at_the_Zoo


Ron Howard and his band CRUISIN are another entertainment attraction who have been playing at Mon Ami for the last 15 years (as long as I can remember). This Motown Sound is from the Cleveland area but also plays all over Northern Ohio, Erie Pennsylvania, even in West Virginia. “Iker” on the drums and “Chuckie” on the bass guitar are two of Ronnie’s originals that creates a sound that you have to hear to really appreciate! Ronnie, besides the lead singer (sounds a lot like Lou Rawls), plays a mean saxophone and Junior Walker is my favorite “sound alike”. Some Motown favorites include the greatest hits from THE FOUR TOPS, THE TEMPTATIONS, MARVIN GAYE, SMOKEY ROBINSON, and of course, LOU RAWLS. You might even catch Ronnie’s jazz trio, EPITOME, on a jazz Sunday afternoon in the garden at Mon Ami. Be sure to check out CRUISIN’S website at www.thebandcruisin.com.



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