Volume 47

Holy Toledo I: Georgio's International Cafe

Cheers to Another 30 Years and More to Come


I have seen my share of restaurants come and go during my short lifetime and no doubt, will continue to see small businesses start up only to go out of business within 3 years time or less. You try out a new restaurant for a couple of years, they might become your favorite then you get word that your favorite restaurant, that you came to love, will be closing and a little piece of you dies inside. It's like dating all over again, you just have to get out there and find a new favorite restaurant. 


Well, my friends, I have good news for you! You will never have to fret about Georgio's International Cafe going away for anytime soon! This year marks their thirtieth birthday for the two brothers of Georgio's, George and Chris. The quality of their entrees and the efficient, friendly professionalism of the staff is still as excellent as when I first reviewed them over three years ago. Quality never wavers when it comes to them! That is a testament to the Kamilaris family, notably chef George Kamilaris, co-owner Chris Kamilaris, Sous Chef, Cary Foster, and various relatives for whom the quality of Georgio's meals are taken personally.


The Kamilaris family is from Cyprus, refugees from a very troubled region nearly 40 years ago. They came to the United States to share their heritage and food with us. What good food it is too! They do not like to say, "We do not have that on our menu." They will do their best to have what you want especially if you call in and make a reservation. Chef George and Sous Chef, Cary Foster, George's assistant, will make it their number one priority to satify even the pickiest of eaters, especially me. From their delicious beef stroganoff to Georgio's veal tender fillets to my favorite, lasagna, there's something for everybody. All of the meals come with rice and steamed vegetables that are expertly prepared and they only use the freshest of ingredients.


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Georgio's has always been consistant in preparing mouth-watering, delicious entrees that they have acquired some regulars over the years. Cecil and Liz Adkins from Walbridge, Ohio have been going to Georgio's at least once a month for 30 years. Georgio's has definitely become their favorite restaurant and it will become yours too once you taste their desserts! Georgio's staff makes all of their desserts. They have an authentic New York-styled cheesecake, lemon mousse layer cake, and let's not forget, the seven-layer chocolate mousse cake that I absolutely love! As I stated before, it's basically heaven in a chocolate cake form!


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With 30 years comes new changes and additions like their new bar area that was built by Rudolph Libbe but I can assure you that their food and service quality will never change, they'll only get better. I think that one of the great qualities of Georgio's is its ambiance. The restaurant is dark without being gloomy making it an ideal place to take your love one on a romantic date out to eat and maybe catch a show at the Valentine Theatre.


I can truly say that they will still be serving great, authentic food for many generations to come! Happy 30th Anniversary Georgio's International Cafe!! Please go visit them at 426 North Superior Street in Toledo, Ohio. You too might even become a regular!


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