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Nature & Recreation I: Coach David Hurst

Football Finds Fundamentals of Life


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God tends to put people in your life that you can learn core values for your profession, your enjoyment, and life skills. It is with great honor that I dedicate these few words of wisdom from Coach David Hurst. He is enjoying his twilight years with his daughter in Lexington, Kentucky.


Yes, Coach Hurst is not a Western Basin Toledo native, but he gave me many “Hillbilly” values that I will truthfully cherish as a coach, teacher, and now a writer. He, by the way, was all three—a coach, teacher, and writer. He loved poetry (read to his team as pre-game talks), taught school for 30 years, and wrote a book called “Maze Blocking”, which many colleges and high schools used in the 1970’s.


Now, Coach Hurst has written a reflection of his life, in the form of a Trilogy. It is called “War Touched Me Now”. The following is an excerpt from the book:


War touched me again today, but once again it was just another glancing blow. This time, however, I hurt and I can’t tell myself just where my body and mind ache. I teared up at the sight of the dirty little girl survivor of a terrorist blast somewhere.


I rub my neck when I see a child soldier beheaded by a Syrian soldier. My stomach cringes when an Army major, wearing the same uniform that I have worn, yells Allah Akbar before murdering 13 soldiers and wounding 32 others on – of all places – an Army post.


I ran away from a kitchen television at the sight of orange clad Kurds kneeling before their masked executioners and I wonder about my own humanity.


He talked with a little “southern drawl” but you knew he meant every word he spoke. You can read the rest of his work at www.wartouchedme.com. I am sure you will appreciate his Greatest Generation perspective of war and life in the 21st Century.


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