Volume 46

The Building of History I: Sugar Creek Golf Course

A Country Golf Course Filled With Fun, Beauty, and Challenges


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The beautiful golf course is located just a couple miles off Exit 81 of the Ohio Turnpike, just outside the village of Elmore, Ohio. My assistant, Bob Younker, has been playing the course as a member for over 25 years. Sandy, George, Toby, and Dusty call it home. Sandy’s family had a popular meat market and slaughter house on the premises that was remodeled to display some real historical classics and a warm fun-filled “down home” country atmosphere.


Sandy Neeb’s family farm is located on the west end of the course. George, Sandy’s husband of 40 plus years, met Sandy as a son of the local minister. Together they have a interesting history. Sandy was the first top female Ohio State farmer of the year in 1967. A book in it of itself! This beautiful country golf course has a history of providing a place for fun while playing a game of golf plus enjoying the simple warm fellowship of mainly locals in the area. By the way, if you like antiques, nostalgia of the last 50 years, you found the right place! Wheaties boxes from the ‘60s are my favorites along with pictures and stories of people in the area. The highlight is the picture of Astronaut Tom Henricks who grew up in the area. 


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The course originally started as a nine hole course in the late 1960’s on Stan and Marylene Neeb’s farm and meat locker. The Neebs specialized in pickles and tomatoes (which of course caught my attention from last issue’s Bench Farms) because of the sandy alluvial soil deposited by the great glaciers thousands of years ago. The predominate pork meat was slaughtered, cut, or smoked in the very same building that is now the club house. It later became an 18 hole course in 1971. Toby and Dusty, who are George and Sandy’s sons, are active in the day to day operations of the golf course. Toby is unique in that he plays his best golf (which is very good by the the way) barefooted and with his sidekick, Doc Bauer. Dusty enjoys cutting grass and eating their special lunch favorite, a naked double dog! One final member of the Sugar Creek team is Butch, a 25 year old friend of the family that keeps everyone inline around the clubhouse!


If you really want to enjoy the game of golf (no matter what your handicap is) be sure you find Sugar Creek Golf Course in Elmore! You will fall in love with it!! 


League openings are available. Call them at 419-862-2551 or toll free at 1-866-280-2527 to book your outing today. To check out their summer specials, visit their website at www.sugarcreekelmore.com


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