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Bill Decker's Note to Us

We had the pleasure of working with Bill Decker of Decker Homes. This is what he wrote to us:



Good Timing: Today, we had our annual Christmas lunch at Shorty's in Toledo for our suppliers and trade contractors, everyone received a copy of the magazine. Some of the suppliers already received a box from you, Gross Electric, and Mooney and Moses told me someone delivered them. Eikenhout asked me for more, they said they may use them as a sales tool when talking with other builders. Tom Townsend told me he installed carpet for you and has known you for years.


I also gave several magazines to our Carter Lumber Rep so he could go back and tell his superiors what a opportunity they missed, I have about 1/3 of a box left I will use as a hand out for potential buyers throughout 2016.


The Magazine is a significant marketing success, it was a pleasure to work with you [Arnold Sutter] and Melissa.


Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy successful 2016.



Bill Decker Sr.

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