Volume 44

Holy Toledo I: Dale's Bar and Grill

A Buckeye Fun Place with Fabulous Food & Flavorful Craft Beer in Maumee, Ohio


  • Dales

Could an Anderson from Maumee be content with a small business he created from nothing to something that he could really “sink his teeth into”? I believe Bill Anderson has!! It all started in the late 80’s after he graduated from Ohio State. He took a small corner of downtown Maumee business to one of the hottest spots along the Maumee River, especially in November! Yes, only days to the big grudge match with newly remodeled “team to the north”!!! “The scarlet and gray runs in my blood,” exclaims Bill!

  • Dales2


Not only can you see some of the craziest Buckeye Fans in action but you can enjoy some fantastic food and some of the most unique craft beers—how about 21 of them—with their own “handles”!! How fantastic is this!! Some of the food favorites include the popular seasonal “Wolverweenie” hot dog, fifty-cent wings and chunks on Mondays and Wednesdays, complete with 14 homemade signature scrumptious sauces made in cities like Atlanta, Denver, Columbus, and yes, even from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since the Michigan line is only 10 miles away, he had to give them something to cheer about! Pun intended! The salad menu for lunch is incredible! You will not leave this place hungry that is for sure!

  • Dales3


The future looks great for Bill, his dream of an outdoor patio setting is taking shape in this “river town” that the water flows in “scarlet and gray”! This is especially true this time of the year! Come in and introduce yourself to maybe the biggest Buckeye fan north of the Maumee River but not that far! Go Bucks! O—H—I—O!! Can you detect my team of choice?






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