Volume 44

Nature & Recreation II: T and J’s Smokehouse

A Tasty Touch of Class at T and J’Smokehouse on Put-in-Bay


  • TJSmokehouse

Would you like to sink your teeth into some real Southern Barbeque? Just a few blocks off the Jet Express and on the south side of De Rivera park, you will find your answer!


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Chef Fred (Fred Futrell) has been “doin? his thing” here for at least three years. From Beachwood High School Culinary Class in Cleveland, Ohio through OHN Walls Culinary Institute in Providence, Rhode Island Chef Fred received his formal education. It was the “school of hard knocks” in has grandparent’s seafood restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, that he learned how to market his skills.


Learning how to develop a preparation and executing team of culinary professionals came after years of experience at private clubs in Cleveland, The Classics Restaurant at the Cleveland Clinic, Table 54 in Maples, Florida, and experience at the Ritz Carleton all became the foundation of his professional growth as a master chef.


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The Stoibel family (Crescent Tavern) and the Niese family gave Chef Fred the chance to create a success story here at T and J’s Smokehouse on Put-in-Bay. It does not take long while seated in the “Smokehouse” to get a sense of some fine BBQ cooking somewhere! Tasty pulled pork, hearty briskets, and lipsmackin’ ribs are the “marquee attractions”. Home cut potato slices, freshly made coleslaw and of course, a cold brewsky all make the meal complete.


  • TJSmokehouse4

Observing Chef Fred in his “culinary domain”, I sensed a real coach of a culinary team at work. He shared a future mission to teach others his skills in a classroom situation. It really caught my attention. Being a teacher and coach for 40 years, I can appreciate the passion! I totally enjoyed my time with Chef Fred. He has a real knack for quality food preparation. You will not forget the meal that you will enjoy at T and J’s Smokehouse. Just check out the pictures, the food tastes as good as it looks! You can also check out the menu and more pictures at www.tandjssmokehouse.com.



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