Volume 44

The Building of History I: Maumee, Ohio

Explore the City on the Maumee River


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Welcome to Maumee, Ohio. Whether you are here on business or pleasure, we hope you have an enjoyable stay. The city of Maumee is situated on high ground overlooking the Maumee River, which means “beautiful river” in the language of the Shawnee.


If you are a history buff, this is your chance to visit the places so important in the early history of our country. Places that I’m sure you have read about, but haven’t seen. When you visit Ft. Miamis, strategically located on a high overlook of the Maumee River, you are walking on the ground where native American Indians, British and American soldiers walked, where they fought, and where they bled and died.


Mad Anthony Wayne and the great Indian warrior Tecumseh crossed paths in 1794 at the battle of Fallen Timbers and again in 1812 when Tecumseh led the Indians against William Henry Harrison on the South side of the Maumee River at Ft. Meigs, during the War of 1812.


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Visit the Wolcott house, one of the first houses built in the area. Another fascinating place is Side Cut Park, where canals were built in the 1840’s to handle goods and people on their trek West. Six locks were built to help river barges navigate past the river rapids. Three locks still exist; a testament to the ingenious way the early settlers succeeded in their quest to settle this virgin land. In the spring at the Side Cut rapids, fishermen swarm the river to catch the Walleye swimming upstream to spawn.


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When your feet are telling you it’s time to take a break, and your tummy starts to growl, there are a varied assortment of restaurants in the area. You can find your favorite national fast food restaurants in the city, or if you have more time to eat, enjoy good food and jazz music at the Dégagé Jazz Café. Local and regional rock bands play at the Village Idiot, a bar in the downtown area, that also serves very good food. Dale’s and Georgette’s are also very popular.


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A very unique art-deco style movie theatre features old movies at a very reasonable price. After the movie, stroll through the quaint shops downtown. You can’t help but notice that the architecture of the early river days is still quite prevalent and cool!


If you are staying at a motel in the area, and your quest for adventure is still strong, visit the Andersons, a large store with the freshest vegetables and fruit around. Just west of the downtown area is the Fallen Timbers Mall.


By now, it’s time to head for the motel. Thanks for visiting with us. Bon Voyage!



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