Volume 42

Nature & Recreation I: Maxwell House

One of Lakeside’s Finest Bed and Breakfasts


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If you have ever attended a star-studded performance at the Hoover Auditorium in Lakeside, Ohio, you have probably seen this beautiful B & B on the north side of this quiet little Chautauqua on Lake Erie.  Jeanne Maxwell Vaughn and her  family have created a beautiful “homey” place to enjoy all the “little things” in life that goes back 50 years in a community that thrives on relaxation, spiritual serenity, and family fun.


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You need to know a little history before you really appreciate this family home that is now a bed and breakfast that will make you feel like you are on “Walton’s Mountain”. Lakeside is a Methodist gated vacationland community that has not changed much since the mid 1900’s. 1962 was the last time I participated in this unique “Chautauqua on Lake Erie”, it was the same bench where I received my first kiss (other than from my mother or dear Aunt Heine).  The same homes with the huge “fellowship front porch” dot almost every street.  This “laid-back” gem also has an auditorium that has had such attractions as the Cleveland and Toledo Symphonies, Kenny Rogers, and has shared their beautiful music and drama facility with thousands of us Lutherans for over a half century.


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At the Maxwell House, the huge wrap around front porch is what most enjoy when they stay. If you like to sit around an old grand piano in the living room, Jeanne has one of those. If you need to check things at home or the office, the high speed Wi-Fi is available but only on the front porch.





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