Volume 41

Holy Toledo I: Max and Erma's

A Family Founded Business Providing Some Real Family/Community Amenities


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Historically, I have always loved the personality of this popular eating and drinking establishment in Ohio. Founded in Columbus, in the German Village, by Max and Erma’s family and known for its’ “homemade” style I have always been attracted to it’s ambiance. There are over 60 Max and Ermas in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Indiana. The first visit included talking on the table phones throughout the restaurant so you could connect with some friends at another table. Secondly, the waitresses were on roller skates! This was my first visit back in the 1980’s. The homemade meatloaf and real mashed potatoes were my favorite then but since have been dropped from the menu—probably too “old school” as I am!


Today Max and Erma’s at the Maumee, Dussel Drive location has become not only a great place for super food and excellent service, but also a place for community involvement. The managerial staff has a real knack for helping local schools, teams, and service organizations earn money for service projects. “Fundraisers and this community involvement have been a real fun thing for our Maumee location!” states the management staff.


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During the last year, they have had an interior remodel that is fantastic!! The numerous televisions throughout the restaurant gives the sports buff some excellent opportunities to keep up with what is happening with their favorite team. I, myself, prefer the lunch special combining sandwiches, soups, and salads. Their freshly baked, still warm chocolate chip cookies and “make your own ice cream sundaes” are my top favorites!


Be sure you stop by and enjoy the warm welcome all receive when opening the front door. I am sure you will not be disappointed!


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