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Holy Toledo II: Toledo Shrine Circus

Not Only For Kids To Enjoy


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Where else can you see hilarious clowns, dangerous BMX stunts, talented, exotic animals, highflying aerialists, and flexible contortionists all in one location for your entertainment pleasure? The circus, of course! The Toledo Shrine Circus puts on quite a show too. Two and a half hours of pure, childlike enjoyment, makes you feel and act like a kid again. Too old for the circus, you say? Take me, for example, I wanted to do something special for my 25th birthday. I wanted to feel like a kid again, so I got eight friends together and we all went to the circus. They all enjoyed themselves, even one of the moms. You are never too old for the circus despite what anyone tells you.


Since their first circus in 1952, Zenobia Shriners have presented an annual circus in Toledo. The Zenobia Shriners are a branch of a fraternity called Shriners International. Shriners are based on fun, fellowship and the Masonic principles of brotherly love, relief and truth. In March 2014, they presented their 63rd annual Shrine Circus at the Seagate Centre in downtown Toledo for the enjoyment of all of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. There is a little bit of everything for the whole family to enjoy, even those young-at-heart.


This year, the famous Jordan World Circus provided an array of breathtaking acts. Semi-finalist from season 8 of America’s Got Talent, Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team made their appearance in the circus. There were also talented pink poodles doing tricks like the famous Olate dogs that won the 2012 America’s Got Talent contest. I’m partial to the bigger animals like the tigers and elephants. Bo, the 27-year-old elephant, was one of my favorite acts. Close to that, were the aerialists and the dangerous BMX stunts that they show right in front of your face. It amazes me how someone can perform at such a dangerously high level.


So, even if you are 5 or 95, there is something for everyone at the circus. Go there sometime, you too may feel like a kid again!


To learn more about Zenobia Shiners and their next events, check out www.zenobiashiners.com. To get tickets to next year’s show, please check out www.zenobiashrinecircus.com or call (419) 661-5060.


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