Volume 41

The Building of History I: Marblehead Lighthouse

For Every Season, There’s A Reason To Visit The Marblehead Lighthouse


  • MarbleheadLighthouse

Latitude North 43.2 Longitude West 82.7
Set your GPS and hit the road to the Marblehead Lighthouse. Been there before? That’s why you came back! Never been there before? You are in for a pleasant surprise. With a backdrop of tall trees, the 65 foot tall white lighthouse, capped by a red top, hugs the rocky shoreline of Lake Erie. On calm days, it is a wonderful place to walk or sit on the rocks, the water gently slapping on the shore as the seagulls soar and the boats and ships pass by.

When the water is rough and the storms roll through, it is easy to understand that for almost 200 years, at this very spot, the lighthouse has served as a beacon of hope and joy for sailors seeking safe passage by the ominous, dangerous rocks of Catawba Island.



Footnote For Future Adventures

  1. Home of Lighthouse keeper, Benajah Wolcott 2 miles (+-) South of Marblehead Lighthouse. Complete restoration of stone home, furnishings, cooking utensils, and clothing.
  2. Fresnel light, designed in France-Massive glass-faceted surface designed to refract, and redirect light-installed in the Marblehead Lighthouse in 1858. On permanent display in the lodge at Maumee Bay State Park. A must see!!!
  3. Marsh land from Port Clinton to Maumee Bay State Park. Visit Crane Creek, McGee, Metzger, and Maumee Bay State Park. Home to Eagles and Hawks, plus hundreds of bird species that spend time along the marshy shore of Lake Erie. You might notice that many of the land features have French names, thanks to the French explorers and trappers that explored this area more than 350 years ago.


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