Volume 37

Holy Toledo I: A Great Place To Enjoy Frenzied Sports, Friends, And Fantastic Food On The West Side Of Toledo

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It was my first glimpse of a “big screen” tv! In 1987, I came back to NW Ohio to enjoy what I hoped a few more years of time with my father, coach basketball at a country school (who had some “gym rats”), and to reconnect with some friends I had lost while teaching and coaching in the Cincinnati area.


After retiring from coaching and teaching high school, I took an assistant’s position with Adrian College Men’s basketball. For 2 years I stopped at Arnie’s to quench my thirst for my favorite beverage and to watch sports on the big screen. It just happened that I had to drive past Arnie’s every day during my trip to Adrian. I became good friends with the personable Arnie Elsey. What a great “Rocket Fan” and sports enthusiast!


Today, Arnie is still flirting with all “his” girls and sharing that dynamic smile that is on a person’s face when he/she is doing their passion. Today he has teamed with Bruce Gratkowski (one of the University of Toledo’s best quarterbacks) and Sing Grahal (a popular contractor and sports supporter of Toledo), to make Arnie’s one the top places to enjoy a great game, fantastic food, and a friendly environment!


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