Volume 37

Holy Toledo II: A Historical Building Displaying Some Incredible Jazz Music, Scrumptious Food, And A Variety Of Ambiance

  • Cynthia Kaay
  • DegageJazzCafe
  • DegageJazzCafe2


I have developed a real love of jazz in the “September of my Years” here in Toledo! I enjoy the Sunday Morning Brunch with Suzanne, some fine jazz and blues at Manhattan’s, and now I have found a real “gem” on the banks of the Maumee River—the Dégagé Jazz Café!!


I have a history with this fine establishment having frequented it back when a neighborhood family, the Hoduliks, owned it. The history of this building is incredible.


The second reason I like to spend time at Dégagé is the fine entertainment such as Cynthia Kaay Bennett and the Skip Turner Band—plus the service of a special friend Rosa!


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