Volume 37

Nature & Recreation I: Huron, Ohio

Sawmill Creek


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Two Hundred years ago this region was known as the “Black Swamp” it was also parcelled out as part of the Connecticut Firelands owned by George Washington and his family. Only the Woodlands Indians dared to live in this “God forsaken” mosquito, black mocassin snake-infested wetlands along the South Shore of Lake Erie. Today this beautiful landscaped resort has an 18-hole golf course, deep water boat marina, and a resort hideway that is tops in the region. Greg Hill, the resort’s general manager/owner has created a unique historical display of Indian relics and cultural features that has to be seen to really enjoy.


I was fortunate enough to have visited the resort 15 years ago as a reward for a “job well done” for the Franklin Life Insurance Group, which since has been bought by American Financial. We played the challenging golf course and were able to dock our boat in the nearby marina—both were “top shelf”!


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