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The Building of History I: Milan Inn/Antiques

A Place To Rest And Enjoy The Warmth Of A Downtown Square From A Bygone Era


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I have featured quite a few small towns in Northwestern Ohio during the last 15 years in my Western Basin Toledo Magazine, but none quite so unique as historic Milan, Ohio. The reason, a history founded on an incredible inventor (Thomas Edison) and a profound pride by the people of this Midwestern town—in themselves.The Gfells are no exception, Tom and Nancy have a beautiful antique store and an incredible bed and breakfast/family gathering place built in 1845, as one of Ohio’s original stagecoach Inns.


  • MilanInn

Located on the historic Huron River in Huron County, the close proximity to Lake Erie and a transportation network between Cleveland and Chicago made the value of a canal to be built in the late 19th Century. The canal did not last long because the railroads of the late 19th Century took over as the major transportation network to get goods across country especially from the Great Lakes to the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico. The people of Milan have always had a great pride in their area which included some very rich farm land and some great industries—even one of the most popular inventors of all time—Thomas Alva Edison. The small town was laid out by Ebenzer Merrigin in 1817, only 14 years after Ohio became a state. Great men and women like Wellan B. White, Sara Lockwood, and our feature Milan mason contractor R.C. Bickley.


The Gfell Milan Inn-Antiques have a place to rest for a short term vacation rental all year around. Located on 29 E. Church Street, on the South-side of the “Square”, it is a place you cannot afford to miss if you are in the Huron or Erie County area. The 2nd floor, fully furnished rental suite has been uniquely designed for your comfort and convenience. The room accommodates up to 10 people for overnight stay—ideal for large family gatherings or meetings.


Be sure you give Tom and Nancy a call at 419-499-4939 or check out their website at www.milaninn.net. It will “lighten your life”!!!


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