Volume 38

Green 4 Energy (An Editorial): Where the Innovation of Man’s Mind Meets Conservation of Natural Resources

One hundred years ago there were two men who led our nation in something that most intellectuals and common folk just thought they were “blowing smoke”! The thought to most was, our natural resources were endless. Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir were mutual friends and pioneers in the conservation of natural resources.


Today, GREEN 4 ENERGY with innovative entrepreneur men like Nick Spognardi are proud to offer effective and affordable monitoring, weatherization, sustainable renewable energy modules to protect our natural resources. Having demonstrated long term field reliability—their products, coupled with their prudent approach, ensure that they are meeting the energy needs in an efficient and highly progressively thinking manner.


Making homes, vehicles, and businesses more energy efficient is seen as a largely untapped solution to addressing the problems of pollution, global warming, energy security, and fossil fuel depletion. Many of these ideas have been discussed for years, especially after the 1973 Arab Oil Crisis. In the late 1970’s, physicist Amory Lovins, popularized the notion of a “soft energy path,” with a strong focus on energy efficiency. Energy efficiency has proven to be a cost-effective strategy for building economies without necessarily growing energy consumption.


Renewable power is becoming an important part of our nation’s energy supply. As the solar industry matures, new and innovative approaches emerge to help organizations buy and finance solar energy. No matter what model you use, you want to understand fully your state and local policy framework, incentives and tax savings.


GREEN 4 ENERGY has the experienced professional staff to provide you with the best counseling and guidance through your decisions to increase energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. Call Nick Spognardi (843-754-9017) or email him (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), to set up a meeting to discuss the alternatives available. 


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