Volume 39

Nature & Recreation I: Studio Z / eScapes

Downtown Monroe’s Answer To Incredible Entertainment, Fantastic Food, and the Latest Audio/Video Technology


  • StudioZ

I am a jazz lover! Maybe it is the history background in me, but I especially like the big band jazz sound of the 1920’s during the Harlem Renaissance Era. Now Monroe has this, plus a wide range of music in the new Studio Z “Listening Room”. Laura Kreger and Alexander Zonjic, from Detroit, have created a neat and unique place to listen to fantastic music and enjoy some scrumptious food in downtown Monroe. To add to the ambiance of the experience, Laura’s father, Robert Oklejas, owner of the eScapes Network LLC, has created an audio/video experience you have to see and hear to believe.


Studio Z has some fantastic food and top quality service to provide you with an energizing breakfast, tasty lunch, or an elegant dinner all surrounded by some incredible music and videos and on weekends live music. Breakfast begins at 8:30 am Monday through Sunday and lunch lasts till 2 pm. Dinner hours begin at 4pm - 11pm on weekdays and until 12:00 am on Friday and Saturday. 29 South Monroe Street in downtown Monroe is a busy place! The ambiance of a new decor in the “listening room” has to be viewed to appreciate the detail in “a unique experience” that Laura and Tim Kreger have created for you. Call 734-344-5930 or check out their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/StudioZCafe and website, www.studiozmonroe.com.


The eScapes Network of Monroe, right across the street from Studio Z’s is an incredible techno-logical breakthrough in audio and video media. The northern corner of East Front and South Monroe is a place you have to visit to appreciate!!! Travel through time, history, and present day attractions on private television networking that breaks the norm of audio/visual television. A daily playlist allows the viewer to enjoy just about any type of music and are surrounded by visuals that are endless in choices. How about visually visiting all the lighthouses in Michigan? Maybe your would like to visit America’s National Parks! How about getting the latest newsreel of happening throughout the world?


To give your private residence some flair or your business a media extra to attract new business or just to entertain while waiting—you got to experience what Robert and John have available for you! Call 734-241-4410 for more information or go to www.eScapesTV.com/PTN.



Studio Z is closed as of June 2014.


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